This is a good article about disabled teenagers and adults. It should be made perfectly illegal for a school or rehabilitation center to encourage parents or other family members of teenagers or adults with disabilities to be infantized. And these special needs Schools or rehabilitation centers should also be made to teach disabled teenagers and adults how to manage money in accessible ways or if managing money is a problem for a person with a disability in which the disability itself hinders a person from managing money, said disabled adult once they turn 18-years-old should be allowed by law to decide whom they would want to provide this type of support as if the disability did not hinder the function of managing money in the first place.

And under no uncertain terms should a school or rehabilitation center encourage the parents of disabled teenagers and adults adults to seek supervised housing, or even encourage the parents of disabled teenagers and adults to use any big funding a disabled person may receive due to some grace of God, to purchase the family nest with. Instead that funding should by law be automatically placed into a special needs trust fund in a way that does not jeopardize any governmental benefits the disabled teenagers and adults adults may be entitled to by law. If such disabled teenagers and adults big windfall from God does end up being used to help purchase the family nest, said teenagers or adult is deemed automatically by law to hold a second mortgage along side the bank until both the bank and the disabled teenager and adult is paid fully with the same interest rate as the mortgage.

Doing it this way has a great potential for discouraging other types of practices of which I will not get into here. We are not supposed to be a third world nation.