Finn Gardiner, thank you for writing this fantastic advice. My son is a 17-year-old, autistic who does not speak reliably. Two years ago, he learned to type his thoughts, and I learned so much. While I did not realize it, I had previously been thinking of him as much younger than his age, as, on the surface, he seemed very young. What I learned through his typing is that he has similar goals and interests as others his age. He had been frustrated, because people tended to take his scripting about Blues Clues and Thomas as his special interest, when actually, he had been stuck in motor loops of repetitive talking in order to calm himself. It’s very simple now, I can ask him about his goals, and what kind of support he needs to accomplish them. HOWEVER, if I couldn’t ask him, I could assume that he is indeed a 17-year-old guy with his own perspective. A guy who needs to make decisions for himself. A person.