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About the site

Inclusive Tech was created to counteract assumptions some developers have about their the people who use the interfaces they design. The people that use websites, desktop software or mobile apps are diverse, varied and have needs that reflect that diversity.

Articles on this site are living documents. I may edit them after they’ve been published to reflect changes.

About the author

I’m a social scientist and designer, currently studying Public Policy. Though I currently live on the US East Coast, I’ve lived in three different countries. My work has primarily been focussed on community advocacy for LGBTQ and disabled people. I have a degree in sociology. I’ve been interested in making technology more inclusive for several years. These experiences have inspired me to create a resource for web developers and designers to make operating systems, applications and websites that are accessible to as many users as possible. My work here comprises over four years of extensive research into accessibility, localisation and internationalisation. If you’d like to find out more about me, visit my professional site.

Caveat: I’m not perfect, and there may be something I’m missing. I know more about western languages than eastern ones, for example, and there may be more coverage related to languages I can actually read and understand, since it’s easier for me to see the problems there. If you’d like Inclusive Tech to cover a specific issue that I haven’t addressed yet, please contact me at unexpectedly @ me dot com (change to a proper email address). I also welcome guest articles.

Language usage on this site

I try to use dialect-neutral English with International English spelling. If I use region-specific terms, I qualify them with other alternatives – like elevator/lift or aubergine/eggplant. If I use an unexplained regional expression of any kind, please let me know and I will add an alternative word. Dates use the Day/Month/Year format. All measurements are given in metric and imperial/US Customary units.

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